Looking to add new 3DS Friend Codes


If you have a 3DS please consider adding me :) !
My friend code is 3823-8525-4886
I will add you back asap. You may send your code in an ask/fanmail or reply to/reblog this post with it~

minimoose218‚Äč would like to add more 3DS friend codes for her friend safari in Pokemon X. She has a poison type safari. Send your friend code to her askbox for an add!

If an artist would prefer to be paid in cash for art they make for our tee shirt shop rather than receive a tee shirt, we are 100% willing to do so.

The reason we do not want to commission specific work is because we like to see the creativity of our fans.

If you have an idea and would like to be paid money for it rather than receive merchandise, please e-mail detailing the nature of the work and name your price.