So as you may or may not know, I’m a HUGE fan of DeliciousCinnamon.

They are probably the best people in the world. I have never seen people that have made me laugh so much or helped me through hard times like they have. I owe them a lot, and you should go check them out. 

Anyway, they’re asking fans to make some t-shirt designs, and I came up with a few. Most of them are my ideas and friend’s drawings, but there’s some I painfully did myself on MS paint. I cannot draw, so I would LOVE feedback from anyone on what they think I should change. Even draw what you think they should look like and post it as a reply. 

Cinnamon fix & O’l Rusty- my drawing.
Monaters- My friend Haylee’s drawing (
Everything else- My friend Christine’s drawing ( 

T-Shirt ideas!